The loft-like cottage was built sustainably.

From walnut, cherry and oak wood (which we found in a barn) we made the floors of the living room and bedroom and the stairs to the loft. From Volvic stones lying on the property we made window sills, a threshold and the sun terrace.                                                                                                                            

         In the gîte you will find :

  • A kitchen with a refrigerator, a hood, a dishwasher, a ceramic hob and an oven.
  • A bedroom with 2 beds of 90-200cm.
  • On the vide above the living area there are 2 beds of 90-200 cm. .
  • Wifi and a smart TV, where you can watch TV with your own memberships (Netflix, Videoland, NL-ziet etc.).
  • Bathroom with a shower, toilet and a sink.
  • Separate toilet to be used in the adjacent gallery.
  • The raised wooden shadow terrace is accessible from the bedroom and the living room. Steps lead to the garden.
  • The garden with its own sun terrace and views of Puy de Dôme.

We installed phytodepuration in La Vicarte.  Our wastewater flows into a tank in which plants provide purification

The cottage adjoins a huge barn, which will serve as a summer gallery in the future. There, people can visit an exhibition and have a cup of coffee or tea one day per week