We moved to the Auverge for the peace, space, quietness, views and nature.

A wonderful environment for nature lovers.

Three things are important:

Location, location and location.

That's what a friend of us said regarding choosing a house. 

In spring 2019, we visited many houses, each time feeling a no. In Biollet, leaning against the pasture fence, we looked at each other and knew: this is it, OUI and YES!

The views are breathtakingly beautiful, the vegetable garden is nicely sheltered, and we have our own well.

Space to realise a gîte, a mini campsite, a gallery, and a painting studio!

We hadn't even seen the inside of the house at that point. We were already saying yes to each other. 

The beauty, the space and the welcoming nature of the house made us forget it would be a lot of work, that realisation came later.                                                                                

Our wish was to live in the rolling countryside with high mountain peaks and a spacious view. That wish has been granted. The grandeur and vastness with views of the Puy de Dôme and Mont Sancy and in between beautiful lakes and forests.